Meet the Team

Enjoy the feeling of freedom every day with nature-inspired designs featuring the creativity and original nature photography of our owners and adventure couple, Samantha and Chad.

Samantha is a photographer, entrepreneur and online educator that doesn't go many places without her camera. As a previous member of the Canadian Armed Forces, Chad has never been afraid to get his boots dirty and has recently rediscovered his creative passion as an entrepreneur and business coach. Although they both spent their childhoods in the Greater Toronto Area, they quickly fell in love with the Canadian countryside and moved north to Muskoka. From there, they went a step further and moved across the country to the beautiful wilderness of Alberta.

The couple enjoys spending their time hiking, boating and skating across the frozen lakes. Whether sipping a beer on the dock together, traveling to the islands of the Caribbean, or soaring down a mountainside on a couple of snowboards, they always have a good time under the sun and stars.