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Gift the gift of comfort and style with a Shadowshore Gift Card! Encourage your friends and family to enjoy the outdoors in premium adventure apparel and wilderness accessories. 🌲

Ideal for any holiday, special event, date or just for the sake of showing someone you appreciate them. Plus, there's no wait time - perfect as a last minute gift idea! 🙌

• Unique gift your loved one will adore
• Can be used for any product in our shop
• Choose from a variety of denominations to fit the occasion
• Instant delivery via email; no wait time
Perfect for special days or just because

How is this delivered?

There's no wait time since all of our gift cards are delivered electronically via email the instant you complete your purchase. Nothing will be sent via regular mail.

There are no returns for gift cards.

Who would love this gift?

Here at Shadowshore Designs, we specialize in clothing and accessories for souls that love to travel, enjoy the feeling of freedom and want to experience all that life has to offer. Sound like someone you know?

With inspiration taken from around the world, your loved ones will adore wearing pieces that promote the carefree feeling of walking on a beach, living life on their own terms and trying something new for the very first time. Happy gifting!

Shadowshore Designs in Alberta, Canada


Thanks for stepping into our world and supporting a small, family-run business. We're Samantha and Chad, the co-owners and designers behind Shadowshore, writing to you from the foothills of Alberta's Rocky Mountains.

Surrounded by towering giants, glacial lakes, flat prairies and arid badlands, there's no shortage of adventure here. The smell of fresh pines, feeling of a light summer breeze, and sounds of rushing water and howling wolves are the inspiration behind our designs for free-spirited adventurers and fellow outdoor lovers across the globe.

  • Wanderlust (WAHN-der-lust)

    (n.) A burning desire to travel or strong impulse to explore the world. Sometimes the longing takes over the mind completely, causing intense daydreams of mystical, faraway places.

  • Attention: Wild Child on the Loose!

    Those who embark on journeys off the beaten path may stumble upon delirious humans speaking of rare wildlife sightings, horizons stretching on as far as the eye can see, and endless possibilities of new lands never before discovered.

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